Focused Co-Creation - South Africa allows brands to crowdsource feedback on their creative campaign ideas and concepts from marketing, advertising and creative professionals anywhere in the world. It is the industry’s first peer-review and co-creation platform.
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Just about every profession in the world uses peer review systems to develop their big ideas, theories and artistic works. Lawyers, artists, doctors, accountants, chefs, academics and researchers use industry professionals outside of their organization or company for unbiased feedback and fresh thinking to help strengthen their work, look for tactical areas of improvement, mitigate risk and ensure that the final product or idea has had the best opportunity to be developed before being made public.

In the advertising world, there is no organized peer-review system. Instead, campaign ideas go through a maze of unstructured, ungoverned and politicized creative review and feedback process both within the creative agency and with the brand client. Until today, there has been no technology, analysis or research techniques to improve the process, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted production and media costs.

While most of the industry’s focus is on testing with consumers, is focused on using technology and best practices in qualitative research to provide a structured, transparent and data-driven solution to feedback and review process. We have developed one of the world’s largest databases of creative professionals, proprietary tech platform and algorithms and hundreds of questioning techniques to ensure the right professionals are providing the right type of feedback on any television, print or digital campaign.

Professional Intelligence - by focusing on the professional side of feedback, our reports generate rich and actionable insights on tactical improvements available (editing, copywriting, audio, production) as well as strategic (messaging, casting, relevancy) so clients walk away with a checklist of items they and their creative agency can implement. By using fresh eyes, clients are tapping into the power of crowdsourcing and co-creation that is rapidly changing the industry.

Local Relevancy - by using on-the-ground professionals in any market in the world, clients get qualified feedback on how big campaign ideas can be localized to the market. We have helped clients mitigate against cultural insensitivities, identify opportunities to be more engaging and save millions in potentially wasted media budgets.

Early Stage Campaign Development - because of creative professional's ability to better make sense of early stage storyboards, animatics and scripts they are more empowered to provide feedback on weaknesses, strengths and opportunities that a typical consumer might not. Clients have found this invaluable when they are looking for development (not testing) opportunities before they move into production. We have saved clients millions of dollars on wasted production costs by using our Sense Check product at this stage.

Triangulation and Supplement to Consumer Testing - Adding a new data source to the pre-testing process has enabled clients to illuminate and better use findings from typical copy testing reports. Clients have described’s reports as the “why” and “what next” to the typical benchmarking, neuroscience and quantitative studies. has positioned itself from the onset for international growth. With a database of hundreds of thousands of creative professionals on every continent and a global advisory board that includes the head of innovation and design at Coca-Cola, the head of product at Yahoo and the most senior of researchers at the world’s largest agencies, the company has already begun its international expansion. Within the past few months, the company has launched its first projects in Asia and Latin America, all of which are managed with its existing team, technology and processes in South Africa.

Major current clients include Unilever, GSK, L’Oreal, Barclays, British American Tobacco, Pernod Ricard and

Upon launch of the company, a typical project took over 60 hours of project management, recruitment and analysis time. Today, with the development of proprietary technology and algorithms, the average time is down to 10 hours.

The company has also recently launched a fully automated, self-service platform for clients to implement internally with 0 hours required from which will move the company from running 10 projects a month to 1000s a month.

The company was accepted into the Endeavor Global Entrepreneur program and is a finalist in the Startup World Cup taking place in San Francisco in March. The company plans to raise a larger round of funding during Q2 of 2017 to further its technology and growth plans.

A major American technology brand was looking to increase awareness and market penetration of its online platform in two Asian markets, India and Japan. Although they have retained one of the world’s best creative agencies, they were nervous that the central campaign idea may not translate to the two markets after production, especially because the agency did not have resources on the ground in Asia.

Although they also used existing research vendors to test the ideas with local consumers, the client found that they needed more actionable recommendations to tailor the campaign, copywriting and casting to ensure production and media budgets had the biggest impacts. They needed suggestions, not just metrics.

Despite never having worked in those markets, was able to deliver their findings wiithin 14 days. The platform had selected over 60 professionals across both markets, translated surveys and engaged with the panels to produce reports that outlined the vulnerabilities of the campaign in Japan and opportunities to double down in India. The client decided to pull the multi-million dollar campaign based in Japan and work with the agency to produce a more engaging and effective campaign for India.

To utilize the platform, clients simply submit their campaign collateral (at any stage of development) along with the communication objectives, target market and main messaging statements. The company then uses its technology and algorithms to identify 20-30 professionals in a given market based on a proprietary taxonomy of experience and ranking. A typical panel will comprise of different types of creative backgrounds (copywriters, creative directors, designers, UI/UX specialists) to address the specific campaign media format.

Professional respondents are asked to electronically fill out non-disclosures, conflict of interest and screener questions before proceeding to answer digital based surveys developed by’s research team. Questionnaires have been developed over time based on media type and campaign objectives.

Using natural language processing and qualitative research techniques, the research team begins to process the feedback.

Within 7 days, a report is generated outlining main findings, strengths, weaknesses and a list of actionable items the client and their creative partner can use to further optimize the campaign idea based on their objectives.

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