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Feedtrail: In the moment feedback
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Feedtrail is a customer satisfaction measurement tool that allows a company to get in the moment feedback across locations and staff.  The tool allows companies to measure satisfaction at each step of the consumer journey, and act on it in real time – while the customer is still present.
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Feedtrail enables customers to provide direct, candid feedback from the convenience of their cell phone when it matters most – during the experience – and allows managers to respond in real-time to ensure customer satisfaction.
Why only solicit feedback after a customer’s experience? To retain customers, it is imperative that businesses have real-time visibility into satisfaction DURING every customer experience and have a way to respond immediately.
Up until now, customers have had no easy way to share real-time feedback on their experiences with businesses and their interactions with individual personnel other than via social media. With Feedtrail, any business can monitor, learn from, and engage with customers 24/7 making service recovery more realistic than ever before. Entirely web-based, Feedtrail requires zero IT investment and can be managed entirely from the convenience of a cell phone. A few of the key industries we are working with currently include healthcare, hospitality, banking, retail, mass transportation and professional services.

Feedtrail turned Inova Health System’s lengthy patient feedback loops into real-time advantages for staff. By giving patients a way to provide candid feedback throughout their entire hospital stay – rather than after discharge – key staff now have 24/7 access to valuable customer driven feedback and can make immediate improvements in care provided. Feedtrail even lets patients give feedback on specific doctors, enabling Inova’s team to understand details about a part of the patient’s journey that were previously unknown. 

Customers can complete short, touch point-specific (services, individuals, locations) feedback forms on their cell phones throughout their experience with a business. Customers can access the form via SMS, NFC, QR, URL, or in-store tablets and provide candid feedback directly to the manager on duty allowing for real-time issue resolution.
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