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There's an unexplored galaxy of opinions out there and we can provide you the telescope.

Incognito Research connects market research firms to ride sharing Surveyors, and then to their riders while raising awareness for charities for free. Ride Sharing produces intuitive organic conversations and we have our highly trained Surveyors "Ride Sharing Drivers" guiding them. These organic conversations produce unique revelations during this otherwise unproductive time. Our whole focus is on obtaining the true organic opinion of your target demographic. 

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We are the first and only company in the world to provide you this particular agile approach to market research. Our highly trained Surveyors use ride sharing as their medium to conduct rapid turn around agile one on one interviews. Lyft and Uber rides produce a unique environment of anonymity, neutrality, and trust. This unique environment allows for intelligent conversation to grow organically between our Surveyors and Respondents. Our Respondents feel like they are having an engaging casual conversation with their ride sharing Driver. There is no pressure. There is no intimidation. There is no influence. Our Respondents feel safe to openly preach their opinions to a neutral party resulting in incredibly insightful revelations.

There’s an enormous network of information and opinion exchange occurring in Ride Sharing. It’s a very agile and rapid exchange consisting of one on one conversations and different variations of group conversations. We foster an environment that casually engages our Respondents in intelligent conversation that leads to a feeling of respect, anonymity, and neutrality. We don’t have rules for them to follow. We don’t inconvenience them by interfering with their free time. We don’t put them in a room full of strangers. We don't waste time and money finding our Respondents. Our unique environment promotes Respondents to express their opinion in a healthy manner that reveals crucial insights to the reason why behind the opinion.

We have created an online platform that has simplified the gathering of market research. One of the best things about our research is its reach and adaptability. By utilizing pre established platforms we’re able to conduct market research in almost every major city in the world in a matter of days. No matter where you are in the world if there’s Ride Sharing you can bet that Incognito Research is there gathering information or has the ability to. Every research project is tailored to meet that specific clients goals resulting in a highly efficient, customizable, and adaptable research project process. We can do anything from Focus Groups, IDIs, Product Testing, Advertising, Political Polling, Quantitative surveys and the list goes on and on… We expand on a city by city basis that allows for us to strategically grow our coverage of certain demographics around the world resulting in a diverse Respondent group.

Ride sharing is the future of transportation.

We are the future of market research.


The Sharing Economy is the future of the world!

Take a business conference for example…

 Picture the Insights and Innovation Exchange Conference.

How are you going to improve your event?

By talking to your attendees.

 How are your attendees arriving and leaving the conference?

 Ride sharing.

Our Surveyors are literally the first person that your customers talk to after they leave the event.

Everything is fresh in their mind. 

The Good 

The Bad

Even the ugly carpet.

and Our surveyors are ready to capture it all.

The Respondent is eager to talk about how the conference was. What workshops they attended. Which speaker they enjoyed the most. What they learned. What they didn't like. If they plan on returning next year. All of these questions can be answered with the artfully crafted discussion guides that we provide our surveyors. 

CompanyX goes to our website and submits the issue they want to understand. Then Incognito Research and CompanyX discuss project goals together and develop discussion guides for the research project. We then populate our mobile app with the new research project information and notify the selected Surveyors. Then our highly trained Surveyors study the information and take a small test to verify that they know the material. Once approved for research they log into our recording app and start obtaining our clients organic information. Once an audio file is obtained our Surveyors send in the audio file to our database for transcription and quality checking. Coding and Analyzation is an add on feature that we offer to our clients as well. 

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