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SenseCheck: On-demand advertising measurement
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SenseCheck is an on-demand, self-service platform for measuring advertising and video content effectiveness. Our fully automated system enables advertisers to test earlier and to test more often across the entire creative development cycle.
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Technology and automation are being increasingly experimented with by the market research community. Advertising measurement is well suited to automation, because it inherently demands a high level of standardisation so that accurate comparisons can be made to normative benchmarks.

For the most part, agencies continue to adopt a linear process for conducting advertising research, creating and launching a separate survey for each and every ad being tested. From an operational perspective, this is extremely inefficient because it adds significant costs and considerable time to the process, along with being a driver of panel churn.

The sheer volume of content being produced today – and the speed in which it is being developed – is mind-boggling. This demands better, faster, and more cost-efficient advertising measurement solutions. SenseCheck is able to offer rapid speeds and low costs by automating the entire research process, from brief to report delivery.

The unique architecture of our platform provides us with a further competitive advantage, which is achieved by getting users to configure their recruitment criteria in a uniform way when submitting an ad for testing. This allows us to screen all respondents entering our survey through a single gateway, rather than requiring a separate study for every ad test. This offers us tremendous flexibility and efficiency in how we allocate and manage the surveys available for respondents to complete. Beyond the additional cost and time savings, this also helps to improve panellist satisfaction and retention.

SenseCheck’s goal is to become a one-stop-shop for all clients’ advertising measurement needs, addressing fundamental problems which currently plague pre-testing and in-market ad tracking.

Pre-testing has developed a bad reputation because it is a costly, lengthy and politically-riddled undertaking. Its high cost leads to rigid benchmarks being implemented by clients to measure success, subsequently turning it into a pass/fail exercise.

In-market ad tracking is generally done via brand health trackers, which are adapted to include an advertising component. In years gone by, this has made perfect sense – why recruit (and pay for) an additional group of respondents to evaluate your advertising, when you can just tap into the same people completing your brand health survey? However, the big drawback being that it can often take multiple months to receive results.

The pace in which businesses now plan, develop and execute communications activity is completely out of sync with brand health trackers which – by very design – are intended to be slow-moving beasts. Our platform enables clients to access the same cost-efficiencies that they would when using a brand health tracker, but at speeds starting from just 24 hours.

We’re aiming to make advertising measurement accessible to a broader range of businesses, who use our platform iteratively to build learnings and incrementally improve the performance of their advertising over time.

  1. Users submit their ad for testing via our self-service platform, telling us about their ad and the level of insight they require, before configuring their sample.
  2. Once submitted, the details are checked over by an administrator, before being published and going live in the SenseCheck survey.
  3. Respondents are sent to the SenseCheck survey via our panel partner, entering a common screener which adapts screening questions in real-time.
  4. Quotas are automatically set and dynamically managed during fieldwork. Once the required sample is collected, the results are exported and delivered.
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