Behavioural Recruitment of fresh, representative participants
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We find fresh, truly representative research participants, based on real behaviour.  Behavioural Recruitment is powered by Facebook’s unparalleled data, enabling us to find the best people, for any research project, in 190 countries.
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Our recruitment app works in tandem with Facebook’s hypertargeted advertising to deliver fully qualified participants, who genuinely match any criteria, from over a billion people worldwide.

Research results can’t be right if the sample is wrong. Yet researchers have had to rely on using the same small pool of people, again and again, trusting in what they claim, not what they’ve done.

Quantitative research has several major global recruitment companies turning over tens of millions each year. We focus on qualitative market research recruitment, which is a fragmented industry that has no dedicated global companies.

The reasons for this are:

- the huge costs of building a global database

- qual projects are less regular than quant, so maintaining a happy database is much harder

- qual projects need more data on their participants to determine suitability

Our approach solves each of these challenges. It does so in any international market. There is no new process for clients to learn, ensuring a seamless transition to the method. It does, however, mean they get same-day international quotes, faster recruits and can work with one person directly managing their global project.

We have the opportunity to be the first company to grow a significant market share in qual recruitment as the others have in quant.

What are the benefits for brands buying research?

1. Confidence in the data they base key business decisions on

2. Faster access to consumer insights

3. Ability to engage hard-to-reach audiences, anywhere in the world

What are the benefits for the researchers?

1. Confidence in the integrity of their advice

2. Saving time and money by dealing with one supplier, not a Rolodex of different companies

3. Saving on direct costs, especially in international recruits

How will we scale it?

We have already run successful projects in 65 countries from our central London office. One regular client uses us to find participants who live just a few miles from her office in Auckland, New Zealand. We will centrally manage our technical and recruitment team here in the UK, as we do currently, but will hire local sales, client management and project management support in key markets.

How will the product develop?

We are automating all elements of our proprietary process to increase margins and scalability and gain a further competitive advantage on future market entrants. This includes advertising creative and campaign management, participant evaluation, selection and on-boarding and the integration of global payment solutions.

Meanwhile, Facebook is continually developing their advertising targeting, to capture and give access to ever richer data, based on users behaviour on the network, 10 million other connected websites.

Developments to our recruitment app will first be integrated into Facebook and then applied to other key social platforms, such as LinkedIn for the B2B market and WeChat for the Chinese consumer market.

We will continue to develop our user interface with the integration of automation technologies such as chatbots and Alexa, to personalise the experience for consumers and scale our project delivery for clients. Artificial intelligence technologies will be applied to analyse data, spot patterns and assist in the selection of the best possible participants.

Liveminds recently worked on an exciting project with Hyperloop One, the company building an operational commercial Hyperloop system to move passengers and cargo at airline speeds at a fraction of the cost. The client wanted to gain insight into potential markets over proposed global routes. The project involved using Behavioural Recruitment to find fresh research participants living in the US, based on their genuine behaviour and interests, and carrying out research on the Liveminds platform.
To make confident decisions brands need insight from truly representative consumers. Behavioural Recruitment uses extremely detailed insights on people's real behaviour and an automated 4-step screening process, to quickly find the right people for any research project, anywhere.
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