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A scientifically validated consumer neuroscience platform providing marketers, advertisers & media companies real-time physiological & declared feedback on video & visual content from hundreds of participants via wearable tech & mobile app.

Development Stage: Go-to-market
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A proprietary low cost biometric wearable + mobile app collects lab-quality data synched with video content from panelist’s homes. Impact metrics are delivered real-time via interactive dashboards.

MP lowers cost & decreases deployment time of media & ad testing studies using physiological metrics. Our panel-based system removes sample size limitations of consumer neuroscience without compromising data quality.

MindProber combines the depth of biometric ad and media testing with the speed and flexibility of automated panel market research. Our platform, designed and developed by experts in neuroscience and consumer psychology, constitutes the only truly scalable automated and self-serve consumer neuroscience platform controlling the system’s components end-to-end, from sensors and apps to real-time dashboards.

The application of the technology spans marketers, advertisers and media owners and works equally well in-home, in movie theatres and at any other static location. We are currently partnering with panel-providers and TV broadcasters to build panels equipped with the MindProber wearable and mobile app.

Our proprietary low-cost wearable technology (sub $50 when in full production), can be used by everyone and takes just moments to put on and remove. Bluetooth technology connects the biometric sensors with the accompanying mobile app that collects declarative feedback instantly.

We operate as a SaaS/PaaS. Clients have access to a dashboard through which they can setup studies, insert material to be tested and follow results.

The automated nature of the platform and the removal of the high-price hardware means we can deploy our service cost effectively to client who can make frequent use of the platform. We make leveraging physiological metrics in ad and media testing affordable, drastically reduce study timelines and make it possible to test and pretest video content with hundreds of consumers.

Over time, vast amounts of collected data will be used to build crucial benchmarking databases and used in the training of classification algorithms (e.g. learning optimal arousal functions for add efficacy).

Our ambition involves the creation of a ubiquitous engagement-based currency for content evaluation and media buying.

A client needs to optimize a commercial: test soundtracks, identify impact, analyze segments & benchmark. They create A/B testing via the online dashboard by uploading content, setting segments & creating a questionnaire.

200 panelists are notified of new material via the app and access the dashboard wearing the sensors to collect physiological & declarative reaction.

Within 24 hours the client accesses a second-by-second report with statistical comparisons of versions & segments + benchmarks.

The system collects physiological and declarative responses, and synchronize them with any media content distributed through broadcasting channels or in the tester’s private area. The cloud-based platform analyzes those signals in real time, to extract metrics related to the impact of the material.

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