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Cloud-based platform for your professional consumer research. CoolTool provides you with tools to automate your data collection, data analysis, reporting, as well as your neuromarketing research, all within one account. It is a marketplace where you can download ready-to-use methodologies, find the right target audience via automated sampling, get professional research services from industry gurus and use NeuroLab for your neuromarketing research. Fast, simple and affordable.
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CoolTool automates professional research making it faster and simpler. Within your CoolTool account, you can either create your projects from a scratch or copy ready-to-use methodologies and outsource tasks to various research suppliers. Benefit from automated sampling, automated reporting, and real-time results. Also, try NeuroLab – combination of Eye Tracking, Emotions Measurement, EEG and Mouse Tracking tools that can be added to your questionnaire in           1 click. 

We provide our users with the fastest, simplest and most affordable tools for automation of their marketing and neuromarketing research. 

Fast.  Set up research projects in under 15 minutes and run neuromarketing projects in under 30 minutes. Enjoy results in a real time.

Simple. Get methodologies, technologies, services and target groups from one marketplace, in few clicks.

Affordable. You get to pick, which part of the research you want to do yourself and for which parts you want to hire someone. You decide if you want to work with a freelancer or an agency. You get your tools in a free account. 

Currently, CoolTool has clients in over 50 countries, with annual growth of client base of 200% and representatives in 4 regions. Why is that? Automation is mush needed in a research industry. It is already here and those who can take an advantage of it will definitely stay ahead of the game.

Why is automation important? It solves problems associated with lack of time, lack of money, lack of human resource, complicated processes and disengaging routine tasks.

CoolTool has solved these problems by automating processes of designing a questionnaire, collecting and analyzing data, finding the right sample, as well as delivery of results, even when it comes to something as innovative as neuromarketing. This makes research affordable and easy to set up which in turn creates opportunities for a wider range of companies and agencies that now can gather consumer insights more efficiently.

#1 Small research agency in Indonesia has conducted a video-testing project (beverage commercial) for their client in one month. The client ordered two more studies after employing results of the first one.

For the study, they used NeuroLab Kit (hardware for eye tracking and EEG) – $698, CoolTool Software – $299 monthly talent subscription

#2 Small company tested their website to improve user-interface, since they used their own respondents and they had an in-house designer, they only bought an eye tracking device for $499 (which now they own) and conducted a project with a free plan. Now they constantly test and improve their website, after new fixes are made.  

For the study, they used Eye Tracker by CoolTool – $499, CoolTool Software – free.

You create an account at CoolTool, which gives you access to various tools and features to create your own projects. You also get access to the marketplace where you can download methodologies for free or buy them from other users, you can select and order hardware you might need for your research, get access to target groups, find and hire suppliers of research services. You can share your projects with your colleagues or clients.

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