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Chatbot qual moderator to enable qual collection at scale
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Significantly improve the productivity of qual research by getting to the heart of an issue with depth and scale! Interview, prompt and probe unlimited amounts of people using an automated chatbot moderator, taking control of ‘conversational’ surveys and diary studies

Development Stage: Conceptual
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The world's first automated qual data collection using a chatbot will create a step change in the efficiency of qual data collection, using natural language to prompt and probe responses

Chatbots significantly changes the ROI paradigm of customer feedback, understanding 'how' and 'why' customers behave by revolutionising the economics of 'talking' to thousands of customers at once
Originality: There is no chatbot moderator in the field of market research available today. Nothing currently enables you to interview thousands of customers at once
Market potential: customer feedback is the foundation of brand success; productivity is at the base of business success. For market research to survive in a fast, agile and customer-driven world, we need to find solutions that are relevant today; that are fast, efficient and significantly improve the scalability and productivity of unstructured data (qual) data collection
Scalability is at the core of the chatbot moderator; its purpose in life. This makes it the ultimate scalable research and business idea
The technologies exist today, but just haven't yet been brought together: Facebook messenger providers a platform. Natural Language Process (NLP) provide the ability to interact/talk with customers, text and sentiment analysis allows the chatbot to identify key things to prompt and probe. An interface that allow the human 'meta moderator' to set-up the chatbot, script the interview guide and set parameters for operation is needed to bring it all together
Probably best explained through the presentation below which summarises the opportunities and the implementation

Predicting the role of automated chat bots in mass qual - FlexMR

Version 1 of the chatbot moderator will work within Facebook Messenger and enable brands to engage with any number of people using natural language processing and routing logic to create a 'conversational' survey. Version 2 will enable moderation of an online forum group discussion

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