The goal of the Insight Innovation Competition is to identify and support disruptive innovation in technology, methodology, or business process that aims to move the $33B Global Insights Industry forward. To deliver on our promise to help these innovators bring their vision to life, GreenBook has strategically partnered with organizations that can accelerate their growth, shorten their path to market, and achieve critical mass in their business.

eCGlobal Solutions

eCGlobal Solutions enables smart connections between brands and consumers, integrating innovative methodologies and technologies, so that brands can understand, connect and engage with today's consumer. Our strength lies in the development of social networks, online communities and interactive solutions, such as mobile apps and games that help understand consumers and gather their insights, expressions and emotions.

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The Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation is home for a diverse community of people and organizations that are creating a better world.
Through 100,000 square feet in 4 locations in Toronto and Manhattan, The Centre for Social Innovation provides its members with the spaces, relationships and knowledge they need to translate ideas to impact. It’s part coworking space, part community center and part incubator for people and organizations that are changing the world.
The Centre for Social Innovation provides private offices, private desks and part-time desks to people on a mission. All members have 24/7 access to workspace + lounges, meeting rooms, classrooms, equipment and—most importantly—vibrant programming and a community of passionate change-makers.

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Gongos Reserach

Gongos’ approach to consumer intelligence supports decision-making for Global 1000 companies. Fusing technology with custom research and insights curation, Gongos offers clients multiple levels of engagement to address their ongoing business challenges. Its newly launched data integration practice, O₂ Integrated, harmonizes enterprise and research knowledge through consultative retainerships. Serving the consumer products, retail, financial services, transportation and technology spaces, Gongos combines innovative and foundational approaches to primary research and market intelligence. The company thrives on developing techniques to shape purposeful stories that can be readily socialized within client organizations.
The company’s primary research division, Gongos Research, partners with corporate research and insights teams on initiatives spanning the entire product and marketing life cycle. As a leader in online research communities, Gongos continues to actualize their untapped potential through its i°Communities® and metaCommunities® platforms. Gongos is also pioneering practices in modular mobile survey design and smartphone-enabled ethnography through SmartFly™.

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We value companies and individuals who are distinguished by their professional practices in our various programs. We value these best practices evaluating them by recognized jurors and solid evaluation processes. This review is granted in major recognition ceremonies, and through consistent further dissemination of such best practices. Valora (ex CONEP) is an organization with 25 years of experience, based in Chile and subsidiaries in 4 countries of South America (Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru), which operates in the field of professional recognition, organizing programs primarily assessment and recognition of best professional practices in the marketing field. Among his most recognized programs Effie ® Awards are counted (licensed by Effie Worldwide) and BIG BRANDS / Marketing Hall of Fame ® (under license from NY / AMA).













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